Welcome to AQUA-bioCarbon GmbH

You will find in the following informations about our products and waste water treatment processes. AbC has special know how in the following wwt processes:

Heavy metal absorption with Metsorb, a material which will remove metal ions from waste – or groundwater by absorption [more...]

Activated charcoal absorption plants, which are able to remove organic pollutants like chlororganic compounds, PAKs or hydrocarbons f. e. from waste – or groundwater [more...]

Activecoke-fixed-bed-bioreactor (ACFBB) which will be able to remove heavy biodegradable organic substances from waste- and groundwater by adsorption supported biodegradation [more...]

Constructed wetlands to treat domestic waste waters in decentralised aereas. [more...]

In co-operation with IGAS Research we are able to solve your waste water problems by working out the best solution in lab scale and pilot plant scale. In co-operation with experienced engineering and construction companies we are in the position, to offer and to realize wwt projects in Germany and elswhere. We have co-operation partners in Europe, China, Japan, Canada, Latinamerica.

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