Our team are the following persons

Dr. rer.nat. Peter Karl, managing director AbC Chemist, more than 40 years experience in management in chemical company, environmental affairs, waste water treatment, waste disposal.  
Dr.Ing. Eike Dolling, 66, co-operation partner of AbC in basic and detail engineering, project management, construction and start up with more than 30 years experience in managing engineering department in a chemical company, construction and start up of special chemical plants, also in foreign countries. Ing. Michiel Schöller, our co-operation partner in Benelux, is an expert in ww treatment both anorganic and organic pollutants. He was engaged more than 20 years in DHV and he is now engineering consultant in ww treatment and is working for Shell and BP in NL. Mr. Schöller will work together with AbC also in lay out and design of wwt projects together with Dr. Dolling. He belongs to the AbC engineering network.
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